4G in the UK Later This Year

So today I heard the sweet sweet news that here in England we are finally getting 4G. This long awaited for service is going to make millions of Brits happy. This move has been given the Go-Ahead from Ofcom and everywhere else.

One of the only problems is that currently in the UK we have no 4G phones on sale so they are expected to be sold early 2013. I don’t think that too shortly after 4G is turned on in the UK that 4G dongles will come out in the masses. However the contracts that come with them will be long, hard and pricey.

The only two networks that are currently opted in for 4G are Orange/T-Mobile. This company that is eventually merging into one is giving its customers 4G. Luckily I am with Orange but I do not have a 4G enabled phone.

Many other networks will be rather annoyed for I assume many customers not already on Orange will be switching.

Remeber to leave a comment below telling me if you will be switching to 4G as soon as it comes out, or will you wait until your contract ends.


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