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Do you keep getting called at unreasonable times?  Or when you are working?  Or when you do not wish to be called?

Or even, if you answer a call from a strange number repeatedly and when you answer the caller ‘hangs up’?

Then look no further than this post!

I keep getting called by a strange number (which will not be disclosed here) frequently.  I was searching for who it was who was calling me, when I stumbled across this website (link will be at bottom of post) called  It is pretty self explanatory, but I will go over it’s concept and what you can do on it.

As quoted from the site’s homepage:

“This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, political surveyors, SCAM artists, and other companies that don’t leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.”

So basically, the concept.


This site, as you might have guessed from the quote above, has a large database of telephone numbers from varying countries which is useful for knowing who is calling you.

What can you do on this site?  Well, here is my explanation:

You have the option of signing up (registering) to the site – not mandatory, but can be useful, as described next.


From what I gather, if you register, then you will be notified of when a reply to your phone number query when it is given.  If you wish to not register, then the following is what you can do with the site:


You can still search for a number, but you will not receive notifications via email about replies.

OK, on to what can be done on the site:


You have the option of inputting the number that called/keeps calling you.  If there have already been reports of other people being called by the same number, it will show it.  If there are no reports of it, then, if you are unregistered, you have the option of putting a temporary screen name in.  If you are registered, however, your screen name you used when signing up will appear, although there is the option of ‘remaining anonymous’.  You can then post a message about the call and your experience with it.  Then others will do the same if they have had a similar experience or tell you what the company is called (hopefully).

That is basically a brief overview of the site


Who Calls Me website:

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  1. illage2 says:

    It’s a good website, but the only problem is what happens when the number is withheld, it means you cannot get the number and thus cannot use this website, used to happen to us at home a lot but has stopped, and no we only get calls from actual people.

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