How it works: Smart Entry & Smart Start

On many cars these days come with a system known as the smart entry and smart start. Cars that have this include the 2012 Toyota Camry and Hybrid models. The vehicles that have this system come with what is known as a electronic key, which is paired with a electronic code which is identified by the cars computer.

Simply by having the key in your pocket or bag the car will detect the key and will simply unlock the vehicle by touching the door handle, usually the driver and passenger doors of the vehicle. Locking the vehicle is as simple as pressing a button on the door handles which varies depending on the vehicle, and some vehicles have a specified area that you touch to lock the vehicle.

To simply start up the vehicle with the smart start feature is by simply putting your foot on the break or clutch depending on the transmission of the vehicle, and then simply push the start button, to turn on your cars engine. If you just want the electrics on in the vehicle you simply press the button twice without the foot on the break or clutch.

The smart entry can also be used for the boot of the vehicle by having the key in your pocket and locating the button on the boot usually near the license plate lights of the vehicle, allows you to open the boot without taking the key out of your pocket. Of course if the battery in the key dies a mechanical key is provided to unlock and lock the vehicle but you cannot start the vehicle.

I do see this feature on many new cars and I can see it becoming the future for cars.



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