Konami Consider Metal Gear Rising Revengeance PC

Back in 2010, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance was announced for PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360. ¬†However, when the game was re-revealed in 2011 (after development was handed over from Kojima Productions to Platinum Games), the PC Version didn’t show up in the game’s platform list.

With the game’s PC version was apparently no longer in development, popular European games blog, Eurogamer asked the Kojima Productions Creative Producer for any update on the PC version.

With lots of forward and back messages about whether European gamers wanted a PC version, the Kojima Games Creative Producer said: “Then, with that in consideration, we will try to look forward in this direction”. ¬†So, this looks hopeful for a PC version after all, although the PC version won’t be released at the same time as the console versions.

Sam Gould

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  1. John Chorley says:

    Hey Kojima is making a big announcement next week.

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