Lytro : Focus the Picture After you have Taken it

Today I am talking about a camera that could change the way we take pictures. You can actually change what the camera is focusing on and the angle that the picture was taken from after you have taken the photo. This is done with a number of micro cameras all lined up closely together inside the Lytro and it can be edited with a program on your PC  after you have taken the shot.


The man behind the product, thought that this idea could change the way we took photos. Originally, he started off with a wall of cameras that was 2M x 2M that all took pictures simultaneously. This gave the desired effect, however it was not very mobile at all. He then managed to make one that was a lot smaller, but it could only be moved around on a medium sized trolley. After this he spent months developing his idea until he made it compact enough to fit into your hand.


Behind the camera is the light field. This is the amount of light particles travelling in every single direction throughout every atom in the universe. So basically what the guys over at Lytro have done is developed a new sensor to measure this field and use it as an image giving the highest quality physically possible. That explains the price eh? But there is still more to it. This camera can change the focus after the picture has been taken! It does this by having these micro sensors extremely tightly closed in together. They are all focusing in on different parts of their view which gives the user the ability to re-focus the image after it has been taken.


The design of this camera is a bit un conventional in the fact that it looks nothing like your ordinary camera. There are no buttons on it, just one touch screen on the back of the cuboid shaped device.  It comes in three different colours. Graphite, Electric Blue & Red hot. This design is months in the making and is completely unique to cameras worldwide.


There are currently 3 models in the Lytro collections, 2 of them coming with 8GB of space which are the Graphite and the Electric Blue and the Red Hot comes with 16GB of space.  None of the models at the moment come with an SD card slot. The company are hoping to implement an SD card slot at some point in the future.


So what do you think guys, will you be buying this camera in the future? Let me know in the comments! And here is a link to their website :


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