Make Spotify sound awesome with a free Equalizer

Spotify has had a huge impact on changing the way we listen to music. It has saved me an immense amount of money since I switched from buying individual songs on iTunes, and almost every premium user that I have spoken to, including myself, has emphasized how much easier and more cost-effective it is in comparison to more traditional solutions.

Spotify does of course have its weaker points, one of which is the fact that there is no Equalizer present in the main Spotify client – not even a bass boost setting! Many people requested this of Spotify, in fact it is the third most requested feature on their feedback forums, but although they deemed it a ‘good idea’ over 3 years ago, nothing has been added since.

Equalify GUIThanks to Equalify, this is no longer an issue. Equalify works as a DLL which is loaded into the main Spotify interface on Windows, meaning that it runs inside Spotify without needing a standalone application, yet it also does not alter Spotify itself one bit. The design is such that it fits in perfectly with the Spotify GUI and looks like part of the main Spotify window. The EQ bands used are the same as those used in Winamp and many other popular music players, so they should be pretty familiar for those who have used software equalizers before.

If you’re new to equalizers, Equalify comes with plenty of presets, and has an automatic limiter to avoid distortion on some settings.

Equalify really does make a difference to the sound of your Spotify music, and is a must-have for any music lover. The only shortfall is that Equalify is not currently available for Mac or Linux, but if you’re a Windows user I would strongly recommend it. You can download Equalify for yourself at

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