Meet Reserverr, the calendar solution which makes your reservations for you

Possibly the coolest idea to come out of 15 year olds this decade, Reserverr is an online calendar application with a difference. When you add a new event on Reserverr, you get the usual pop-up seen in most calendar applications, asking for more information about the event you are adding. What’s different, however, is that Reserverr, will find the business you’re booking into in Google, find the phone number, and give them a call for you, all within the browser. Cool, no?

It’s still in beta at the moment so some parts are a little flaky, and it doesn’t work too well outside of the USA, but it definitely has potential and I’m confident it could end up being pretty awesome.

Reserverr is currently just a web application, but Tyler Plack, Austin Schwab, and Phil Fishbein, the website’s three developers, are working hard alongside their school work to develop additional ways to work with your Reserverr calendar, such as an iOS app.

You can check out Reserverr at, and follow @Reserverr on Twitter.

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