Samsung ordered to pay Apple over $1bn in damages

Sigh.. I’m beginning to think we need a ‘tech toddlers’ category just for Apple and Samsung.  Last night, a US court ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05bn (£665m) in damages. Yes, again.

The court decided that Samsung had infringed numerous Apple patents, but not the other way round (as Samsung claimed). The total damages for Samsung to pay was therefore $1.05bn, and Apple are trying to ban imports of Samsung’s products into the US. Samsung of course, are looking to appeal.

Personally, though my previous Apple/Samsung article was a little jovial, I think it’s sad that innovation and choice is stunted by stupid patents. Samsung and Apple have both proved themselves to be like toddlers, attacking each other with patents all the time. It’s insane that it’s allowed to go on – software patents are mad.

But is it all that bad for Samsung? Not nessecarily. It all depends on whether or not their products are banned in the US – THAT is what will affect them. Not the $1bn. Think about it – companies like Microsoft and Facebook have spent billions on buying market share. Microsoft bought Skype for $8bn. For Samsung to be 2nd in the smartphone market and only have shelled out $1bn isn’t actually so bad. It will, however, affect them drastically if their products are banned in the USA.

It’s ridiculous that Apple and Samsung are constantly accusing each other of copying, but it’s even more ridiculous that their respective ‘fanboys’ insist that “X COPIED Y!!!!”. Well yes, of course they bloody did. Samsung copied Apple, Apple copied Samsung. That’s how business works. See also: inspiration.

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