Wiki Leaks Founder Granted Asylum

In the past week, it has been revealed that Julian Assange, founder of the popular website Wiki Leaks, has been granted asylum in the South American country, Ecuador. He has stated that the rape allegations for the Swedish government will cause him damage against his human rights.

William Hague who is the current foreign secretary said that the UK wouldn’t allow Julian Assange out of Britain without a fight. In response to that, Ecuador have said that they are trying to make friendly terms with Britain on the matter.

He has been in the embassy since June, just after he was accused of assault and rape claims by the Swedish government. He denies all of these claims. Since then, the embassy has been threatened to be entered by the British authorities and arrest Assange with or without the co-operation of the Ecuadorian government. Since this event, Ecuador has believed that the threats from Sweden are very real and they want to help protect Assange from them.

By asylum terms, Assange is free to go. However as soon as he walks out that door, there are Brits ready to arrest him. Even if he gets into the car that cannot be searched legally by the Brits, how is he going to get out again? He needs to get out to get onto a plane.

Julian Assange is going to make a statement in front of the embassy on Sunday at 14:00 BST, according to Wikileaks Twitter (


“It was not Britain or my home country, Australia, that stood up to protect me from persecution, but a courageous, independent Latin American nation,” – Julian Assange


04/09/2012 Update:
Julian Assange’s hearing has been adjourned


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