Car Cleaning tips

Now I had previously done a post on car washing tips, which are useful for washing the outside of your car but what about the inside?

There are many ways to clean the inside of your car including using a dustpan and brush, which in my opinion is probably a slow way of cleaning your car, and you would have to make several trips to the bin to empty out the dirt from your car.

The way I like to clean the inside of the car is using a portable vacuum cleaner, there is at least two types of these including those that have a rechargeable battery and can be charged up using the wall mount provided, these have an average working time of about 10+ minutes depending on the vacuum you get.

There is also portable vacuum cleaners that get powered using the power socket or cigarette lighter of your car I personally do not like these, as many of them require the vehicle to be turn on, which causes the battery of your vehicle to possibly wear out slightly quicker.

Another convenience about the portable vacuum cleaners is that they come with a crevice tool, which is very useful for those tight areas such as between the seats.

These are my tips for cleaning inside of a car, feel free to leave yours in the comments.


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