Car washing tips

Are you looking to wash your car but don’t where to start, here are some tips that may help you get you started.

When using car shampoo wash around 25% of the vehicle and then hose off the washed area as this will stop the shampoo drying onto to the paintwork and leaving marks.

If the paintwork of your car has been coated with a protection film be sure to use a shampoo from the manufacturer of your vehicle, to help keep the paint in top condition and making it last for many years to come.

Be sure to have your car unlocked when drying as this will enable you to dry in between the doors and boot lid, as moisture in this areas can cause damage and possibly even rust and we would want that, as a car is an expensive item to buy.

It is also recommend to hose your vehicle after it has been to the beach as this will help prevent salt corrosion from the salty beach air.

Also when drying your vehicle the only type of cloth you should use is a chamois, as this has been designed to be friendly to the cars paintwork.

Following this tips will help keep your vehicles paintwork in top condition for many years to come!


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