Cruise Control – How it works

A Lot of cars these days come with Cruise control as standard with or available as an option. What this system allows you to set a speed such as 100 km/h and the car will keep as close to that speed as possible without the need for the accelerator.

Although when you press the accelerator to overtake for example a slow vehicle this would override the cruise control system, but of course when you off the accelerator the car will return to the set speed. This is also true when ever you need to brake due to a slower vehicle, as the brake pedal overrides the system, but like with the accelerator the car will return back to set speed.

This system is of course quite useful for those long trips as it help prevent those speeding fines, that you could possibly get on long stretches on highways due to not releasing you have increased speed. It can also give you much more concentration on the road ahead as you are not focused on how much pressure is needed on the pedal to do the speed limit, as the car is taken care of this.

Cruise control is usually located somewhere near the steering wheel such as lever or buttons, but this does depend on the vehicle, if you’re not sure where cruise control is in your vehicle be sure to refer to the owners Manuel.

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