DAB listening up 4.6% in the UK

31.5% (208 million hours) of all radio listening hours are spent listening to crystal clear digital transmissions – up from 26.9% the year before, according to a new report by WorldDMB.

The report, which coincides with IFA 2012 in Berlin, also states that 93% of the UK can receive digital radio, and that 21.8million adults have access to a DAB radio set (up 8% year on year).

Sales have also took off, GfK digital radio sales increased by 12% in the same quarter (Q2 ’12).

And DAB has hit it off with drivers too as 21% (up from 7% the previous year) of all new cars have it as standard, and it seems people are desperate too, as sales of digital radio car adapters increased 43%.

DAB enabled cars with now have a weekly reach of 5million people, compared with 4million in Q2 ’12.

[Source: WorldDMB Picture: DAB-World]

Joe Peacock

Joe is a 15 year old Mancunian with a passion for radio; both broadcast and amateur radio. He is usually is found presenting, producing and editing for various production companies. He loves pushing buttons on sound and lighting desks, and spends his spare time bike riding. Other hobbies include pointing a camera at pointless things.

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