iPhone 5 Release Date 12th September

Yes, its the long awaited for release date of the iPhone 5. Here are some features that may be included with the new model:

  • Thinner phone, but with a larger screen
  • New Nine Pin adaptor
  • 4G Connectivity
  • Going back toward the design of the iPhone 3G
  • Faster A5 Processor
  • Dual LED with an 8 Mega Pixel Camera
  • For Americans, there will be more carrier support
  • Nano Sims are now being used instead of Mirco Sims
I for one will not be getting the new iPhone due to the fact that its very expensive in the UK for what it is. However I do like the apple products in general and have previously owned an iPod touch and have enjoyed using it very much. I am looking forward at some point to getting my hands onto the new iPhone to give you guys all of the details.

Just to clarify, these are RUMOURS do not be upset if any of these features are not included in the final product that is being released next week. So the question is, do you think you will be buying apples latest iPhone or are you going to hold out until the next one. Leave comments telling me below!


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  1. henrycole says:

    I’m gonna get a Windows phone personally. I’ve had both iPhones and Androids, but Windows Phone looks really sexy, so I want to give that a try.

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