[Quick Gaming News] New TESV: Skyrim DLC Released

The developers at Bethesda appear to have had two DLCs (Downloadable Content)  in the works at the same time – the previously released Dawnguard, and the one released today – Hearthfire.

There seems to be controversy around the first two DLC, because Microsoft have bought rights to have DLC released on the XBox 360 before any other platform.  This means that the 360 has both DLC already, PC only has Dawnguard and PS3 appears to have been left in the dark, as it currently has none of the DLC.  The PC version of the latest game in The Elder Scrolls series has been rumoured to have the second DLC by early October – a month after the 360 release.  While this isn’t too bad, it may well be a long time before the PS3 even gets the first.

The DLC, Hearthfire, focuses on another side to RPGs (Role-Playing Games).  In other words, not focused on the combat or skills side.  Some of the gameplay elements introduced by Hearthfire include Child Adoption, House Building etc.

If you want to buy this DLC, it is available on the XBox 360 for 400 Microsoft Points.  It will be released soon for PC, most likely following the first DLC’s price of around £14, and at an unknown date and price on Sony’s PS3.

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