Raspberry Pi to be made in the UK

When the RaspberryPi was being planned, the people behind it could not find a company within the UK that could produce the bite sized computers for the low price that is the primary selling point of the device.

This left them with only one option, which was to have them built in China in order for it to be affordable for schools. A lot of people were not very happy about this decision as the organisation’s aims where to improve the IT industry’s futures by teaching kids programming.

There were a few issues with manufacturing, such as the manufacturer putting on the wrong network sockets and then the organization finding out that the device has to bear a CE mark in order to be sold within the EU. After these delays, they were able to ship the first of the RaspberryPis to enthusiasts worldwide.

Since it’s release they have been working hard and have created a new version of the board, and about 4 hours ago announced this alongside with the news that this model will be mostly manufactured in Sony’s UK manufacturing plant in Pencoed, South Wales.

They will be producing about 30,000 units per month, which will provide around 30 new jobs at the plant.

So for those interested, what has been changed on the new version. Well from looking at the photos you can see that they have added mounting holes which could be used to use the device in other products. They’ve also now printed the CE and FCC marks onto the board (on the first version, they had put stickers on because they weren’t aware that it needed to be tested). Along with these few changes, there is likely some other hardware changes and even more software changes.

You may be asking how do you know if you’ve got a UK-made board? Easy. Look next to the power jack; you’ll see the words “Made in the UK”.  On the organisation’s blog, they said,  “We couldn’t be prouder.”


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