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 Over a week or so ago Google had released their own YouTube app for  the iOS platform, which was to replace the YouTube app that was in all versions of iOS except the latest version iOS 6. I must say the app is pretty simple to use, although for some silly reason the home feed is defaulted on Highlights instead of just uploaded videos from your subscriptions, although this can be simply changed in the settings, but I think it should of been as default.

 I have also noticed that the app has similarities in a way to the iOS Facebook app such as the menu that shows up when you swipe right, which allows you to go into the settings, view your subscriptions just like on the desktop version of YouTube which is quite nice. There is also the ability to search for videos by tapping of the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the app, you can search by typing in your query, or by tapping the microphone icon to the right of the search box to allow to find what you’re looking for by voice instead of typing, quite useful in my opinion.

There is one thing I have noticed when watching videos is that you can watch the video in portrait mode, which looks like you were watching on YouTube itself, with the description of the video below, or watch in landscape by tapping the full screen icon in the bottom left of the video. There is also Like, Dislike and more options such as share or add to favorites buttons sitting on top of the video.20120922-231118.jpg

The only problem I have spotted was video going blurry when watching them, but that may be a problem with the internet connection or a bug in the software.

You should be able to get the app from this Link if not simply search YouTube and you should see an app called YouTube made by Google, Inc. and listed under the Photo & Video category. This app works on the iPhone 3GS up to the 5, iPod Touch 3-5 generations, and iPad, and your device must be running at least iOS 4.3.

This has been my review/overview of the New iOS YouTube app. Have you used the new YouTube app if so leave your thoughts of it in the comments.

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