Spotify to Launch Web Client

According to close and inside sources, Swedish music streaming service Spotify is due to release a browser based client.

The existing desktop client hasn’t been properly updated in a year or so, indicating strongly that Spotify are focusing their efforts elsewhere. Not only will such a move vastly assist with cross-platform functionality, but it will reportedly also have more of a focus on music discovery.

Currently, the compatibility of Spotify is reasonable. It has fairly stable Windows and OS X clients, though is rather lacking in Linux, with the client being unsupported and buggy. Most mobile devices are covered pretty well too. The great thing about the web client, however, would be the sheer fact that you could use it any time, anywhere, without having to worry about an app that’s compatible with your client. There’s also the issue that many of us are under strict policies and firewalls in corporate and educational environments – with a web client, using Spotify would be just like visiting any old website, which would work anywhere.

One issue Spotify might face with this, however, is the fact that surely mobile users could just log on to the web client on their phones, lessening the need for the mobile app and premium subscription? Perhaps the web client will be premium only, as with the mobile client – I can but speculate.

There’s also the question of how Spotify are actually going to go about doing all this. A web client will have to be a pretty sleek and snappy interface, something that isn’t easy to achieve using HTML and CSS. I only hope they don’t make the stupid decision of using Flash. It may be the easiest way to do things, but if I see any more new products using Flash I think I might just explode. It’s an old, outdated technology which hogs resources and isn’t cross platform. For the love of god, Spotify,please use HTML5.

There are also rumours of new price plans for Spotify, making it cheaper to stream music on your mobile, as mobile networks become faster and faster, and are consequently more suited to services like Spotify.

Personally, the web client has always been something I’d like to see in Spotify, and I’ll certainly be giving it a go if and when it is launched. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below if you’ll look forward to seeing a Spotify web client, or if you rather the idea of native desktop clients.

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