Top 5 Linux distributions for beginners

Choosing an operating system for your computer is never really a difficult task – most users would just go out to buy a copy of Windows (if not already pre-installed on their system), but for those who need an OS and do not fancy paying out any cash, Linux is a popular demand amongst many. In this article, I am going to point you in the right direction by showing you my top 5 Linux distributions for new Linux users.

5) Fedora 17

Fedora reminds me what would happen if iOS on the iPad merged with OS X on the Macbook Air. This distribution doesn’t feel like a full desktop OS as it features a very minimalist style, but the style is effective. I would recommend downloading this OS if you are using an 11″ Macbook Air or a similar sized Netbook, but after using it, don’t expect to use it as a primary desktop OS.

4) openSUSE 12.1

OpenSUSE is a fantastic Linux distribution for beginners because it looks and feels very, very similar to the all-familier Windows XP experience which is why it is a great distribution to take into consideration when switching to the world of Linux.

3) Elementary OS Jupiter

Elementary OS is essentially just a pimped-up, modified version of Ubuntu but to be honest, it’s absolutely amazing. The team at Elementary have spent a lot of time developing applications for the OS and making the whole user experience look and feel fantastic. The UI signifies that the team at Elementary were hugely inspired from OS X and they really maintained the same standard when implementing these features into their OS. As a bonus, Elementary OS also comes with the Ubuntu software centre pre-installed.

2) Linux Mint 13

Linux Mint is the second most popular Linux distribution because it is known well for it’s extremely friendly user interface. Like openSUSE, the UI has a similar appearance to the all-familiar Windows XP desktop which is great for Linux beginners as they will easily find their way around the OS. While it is definitely not the prettiest distribution of Linux, it is certainly one of the best – for beginners anyway.

1) Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS

Ubuntu is THE most popular Linux distribution and definitely the best. Ubuntu boasts a very stylish, dark user interface which is very appealing/easy on the eye. The operating system includes features from both Windows 7 and OS X implemented right in to provide a rich computing experience. Considering that it is freeware, it is outstanding, and to top it all off, Ubuntu even has it’s own software centre built right in.

…and that pretty much wraps up this article! Most of these distributions have office suites and other applications already pre-installed, but if not, they can be downloaded manually from the software developer’s website. I recommend LibreOffice for a Microsoft Office alternative for Linux.

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