Hybrid Vehicles Explained

There happens to be many cars out on the market today that are Hybrid, of course there are many types of Hybrid vehicles, including the Hybrids from Toyota, such as the Prius and the Camry Hybrid.  A hybrid vehicle has two engines instead of just one, which a petrol and Electric.

A Hybrid vehicle can often produce less CO2 emissions as for example when you are stopped at traffic lights, the petrol motor would simply switch off and reengage again when you start to get moving. Any energy that is used from most Hybrid vehicles is simply stored back for later use for when you are slowing down or stopping. This is known as regenerative braking, which means there is no need to plug your hybrid in at all to charge it back up, as the car is taking of this, as it is using a combination of the petrol and electric motors.

Of course there is plug in Hybrids which do not recharge themselves when slowing down or stopping.I hope this has help you understand a little bit more about Hybrid vehicles.

Happy Motoring!


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