Looping The Loop: Company relights ‘forgotten’ 48-mile cable under Manchester.

A 48-mile long fibre optic network under the streets on Manchester is being relit by IT company Gamma after buying it at as part of a sizeable package at auction for cool £1.3million.

The cable was was built back in 2001 just in time for the Commonwealth Games by long-gone telecommunication infrastructure company Atlantic Telecom, who dabbled in other businesses like a cable television company.

Atlantic Telecom collapsed in 2002 following a string of money troubles, but it had an estimated £300million in assets – including a HUGE ‘figure of eight’ cable linking London, Edinburgh, and a string of cities inbetween (the status of it is yet unknown).

The cable spreads all over Manchester (Click the map below for a more detailed view) – Eccles and Oldham for example – and reaches places that are currently being redeveloped, and Chief Executive of Gamma Bob Falconer is looking to seal deals with all kinds of businesses: “Many firms may not realise what lies beneath the streets where they are based”. He is wanting to strike deals with Wireless Internet Operators.

Gamma, the company that bought these assets, originally wanted to create a TV network with it but that ulimately didn’t go anywhere and they started to only concentrate on their existing networks, products and services.

The Loop is the new name for the cable, and Gamma has appointed a chap called Ashley Griffiths to be the managing director and they plan to ‘send those beams a blazin’ on November 15th at The Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester from 6pm. RSVP is by emailing Ashley directly.

[SOURCE: The Guardian – The Northerner Blog – IMAGE: Manchester Evening News Business Week – MAP: The Loop]

Joe Peacock

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