Minecraft 1.5 – What to Expect

This is from the panel at Minecon that was directed on Saturday called “The Future of Minecraft”. It was done by Jens Bergensten (@jeb_), Nathan Adams (@Dinnerbone), Waren Loo(@EvilSeph), Erik Broes (@_Grum). There are the core developers of Minecraft as of 24/11/2012.

Below I made notes as I watched the live panel streamed by Gamespot UK and I have gone through them and updated them so that they are not pure gibberish. They involve a mass Q & A and upcoming features in Minecraft 1.5, the Redstone Update.


Minecraft new 1.5 patch notes – The Redstone Update

The redstone Update Minecraft 1.5 will not  be before Christmas but most likely in the new year.

Redstone Logic in 1.5:

  • More predictable and consistent. So improving the Ticks Per Second count. This should hopefully fix the North West & South East bugs.
  • Timings will change so specific redstone timings will need to be altered. This means that lots of redstone builds will be messed up. It was going to have to happen some time.
  • Block update Switches or BUDS will be removed, not on purpose but by accident as the team do not have a good idea of how they work. As they are not a feature, chances are they will be fixed when fixing other non related redstone bugs.
  • Redstone signal strength will matter more. For those of you who do not know, a redstone signal lasts 15 blocks. This will matter in the new update with a new block that they will implement that is possibly going to be called the Capacitor.
  • Capacitor block – one input & one output which will act like a repeater but will only output is the input is strong enough as the one that can be configured within the block.
  • Weighted press plates – Changing how strong the redstone signal is outputting on weight,  eg minecart chests with detector rails.
  • Etcetera – Daylight detector. This is great for people that use the current way of creating a day/night detector to light up an area. It keeps things simple for the novice community of the game.


  • Improve Minecarts – Because not many people use them.
  • Not implementing pipes from mods such as buildcraft, however taking that idea and doing it with minecarts.
  • There will be a way to fill up minecart chests from items dropped on the ground.
  • Rails to unload freeriders, such as mobs getting stuck in the carts which can alter what happens with many minecart bugs. Can also be useful for building really cool passive mob farms.
  • Better furnace minecart use to push minecarts. Finally making people use it over detector rails.
  • Fireworks are planned to be implemented for New Years Eve, however this may not be possible for the update will not be released before Christmas.
  • No they will not create TNT explosions in the sky.


Q & A:

Are you adding any more ores to the game?

Yes. A new ore that spawns in the nether than makes more sense for crafting certain blocks.


Are there going to be any more features added to the other dimensions before new ones are added to the game

Yes, but not much thought has gone into this so far.


The Head of the Voxel Box asked whether high resolution skins would be added into the game

No because many people do not have the computers for it, and since it is not like a texture pack, it would change everyone’s games and many people would not be very happy about this addition. So no.


Are Red Dragons ever going to be added to the game?

Difficult to code dragons. It would take a long time to make. Not really a high priority on the list. It’s planned but not for the near future.


Is there a possibility of new weapons being added to the game?

If they are added, would be for a specific purpose. Talks were had about this previously but it will not be coming in the near future.


Will there ever be a Redstone block added to the game?

The Mojang team have no idea what it should do. Possibly added in the future, no one can agree on what it would/will do which is why it has not been added.


Are there any more planned uses for Lapis?

It only has the use of aesthetics for now in the game. Dinnerbone: it’s the coolest block in the game! Possibly making a reference to mcgamer’s lapis fetish.


Is Minecraft going to be sticking to java or will it switch to another coding language in the future?

Yes. Otherwise we would have to rewrite the whole game in another language and it would mess up some features of the modding api.


Is there going to be a bigger and harder boss?

Maybe, but nothing planned. We are satisfied with the hostile mobs that are in the game.


Will there be a feature to disable certain parts of the game?

This may be a feature of the Mod API.


Will there be a piston that can throw entities and or blocks like the original piston mod?



Villagers are pointless? Anything else you are going to add to them?

Originally they were going to give players quests and give them rewards. Jens wants to keep this feature for the future.


When are Netherbrick half slabs going to be added to the game?

Hopefully in the next update says Dinnerbone. This was also brought up in the Mindcrack panel.


Are you going to add more potions to the game?

There was an idea to use cauldrons to dye leather armour, however this was not implemented. We will go back to the potions system at some point in the future as there is lots of code in place to add more potions that have higher tiers and other features. They just need to be implemented.


Is Mojang going to be working with the optifine team in the future to increase performance?

Grumm is working on building a new client that will be focused on performance.


Are you going to be making riding pigs more practical in the future?

Possibly adding a bag to the pig so that you can carry items with him.


Will sticky pistons ever be able to pull more than one block at once?

This has been avoided on purpose to keep the game as simple as possible.


Is if possible to despawn pets that you own when you disconnect from a server?

This would be a very difficult problem for fix for when you leave a server you unload all of the chunks you are in.


Is it possible to store items dropped from mobs into chests using some kind of suction pipe?

Yes with minecarts.  We are adding an allocator in the next update which will be able to collect dropped items and put them into chests or chest minecarts.


Will there ever be craftable saddles?

Simple answer no. It keeps sadles rare and makes people cave explore for rarer items.


Will there ever be vertical half slabs?

Not for vanilla but modding API.


Will there ever be Wireless redstone implemented into the game?

Nope. Again to keep the game simple. Also because redstone isn’t really electricity, its more mechanical.


Will we ever be able to add waypoints into the game?

Maybe we will add them in with maps. There are already textures for this but we have not fiddled around with them yet.


Will we be able to link minecarts together to create trains?

Hopefully in 1.5.


Will you be adding more biomes in the future?

Yes. There are plans in the future for a biomes update.


What was the original point for the dragon egg?

It was added as a bragging item as there is only one in each world.


Will there be a BUD Switch in vanilla minecraft since the current one may be getting removed?

It would be very tricky to code but we want to implement it if the accidentally destroy the current method.


Any cool combat upgrades for the future?

We want to upgrade it to something that is more than just clicking and actually requires skill.


Will there be any new armour implemented into the game?



Will the fireworks break blocks with their explotions?

We have not started coding them yet. They would just be small explosions and they would not break blocks.


Will you ever be adding a depth meter into the game?

No. But if we do, its your fault that we took co-ords away from the debug screen.


Will we be able to put two different types of half slabs together in the same block?

It’s not really possible because of the way the game is coded at the moment.


Will the lighting bugs EVER be fixed?

(Nathan) I did start working on them a while ago and fixed almost all of the bugs, it just made the game very laggy. I will come back to this in the future.


Well there you go guys! An insight into the future of minecraft. What are you guys looking forward to in the game that is coming up, and I hope that if you went, you are enjoying your time at minecon!


I'm a musician and IT professional from South East London. I am also the founder of Tech Taste. I'm also a musician in my spare time.

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  1. PookDGuru says:

    You know, I think the BUD switch problem and the redstone block problem could be fixed in one fell sweep. Simply make a redstone block that sends out a signal whenever an adjoining block is updated. Then, you have a deliberate budswitcher and a use for a redstone block

  2. Commentmaster says:

    What about nether quwart?

    • That was added after I wrote this post. I may do a 1.5 summary after it has been released in about a months time. But this was the minecon summary, rather than official game release notes. If you want a really accurate idea of the new update, go onto mojangs website and look at the snapshot notes.

  3. Commentmaster says:

    And minecraft with TNT

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