Nokia Launch Mapping Service ‘Here’

EVERY so often, another company pops up and tries to rival Google Maps. Nokia have done the same thing, launched under the name here, but there’s more to it than just mapping..

Nokia have been doing maps for a while now, on their own phones mostly, but have just relaunched the service with the catchy new name of Here. Here does your basic mapping, including directions and street level imagery.

To achieve this, Nokia has acquired mapping company Earthmine. But this isn’t all here features, for Nokia are also doing as much as possible to make this service awesome.

For starters, here will be released in the form of mobile apps, not just for Windows Phone and the Nokia ecosystem, but for iOS and Android too. That’s a step in the right direction for starters, to have a mapping platform widely available across all mobile systems. Of course you can use here on the web too, just click here (if you’ll pardon the pun) to take a look.

Nokia are also investigating areas not yet explored in the online mapping industry. The company responsible for the street level imagery, earthmine, also specialises in 3D mapping, so this is also on being rolled out, with 3D maps and even a 3D glasses feature to view buildings about as 3D as you can get. There are also plans for Augmented Reality street level and birds eye mapping, which could allow users to see deals, businesses, and so on as they go along the street.

All in all, here will have some features which we think are rather awesome, and with the recent troubles with mapping on iOS, they couldn’t have chosen a better time to make something awesome.  For a full list of all the goodies, take a look at AllThingsD’s live blog from the unveiling event. Let us know what you think in the comments below.. could it be a Google Maps killer?

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