Twitter CEO is Promising Archive Downloads

The CEO of twitter, Dick Costolo has announced that tweeters can download their tweets in archive format onto their hard drives. This feature should be available in the next few weeks for all twitter users and hopefully it will be free of charge.

Costolo has previously stated earlier this year in September that he wanted this feature to be enabled on twitter for all users by the end of 2012. This could interest businesses and customers to keep official references on conversations had on twitter with their help lines.

Many people have been asking for this to be a feature of twitter for a long time & twitter have delivered it. This has pleased many users across the network.

When the engineers first heard about this, they went mad. This was not an easy task for them to undertake considering twitter already displays around 15k tweets per second. Which is around 2 Billion tweets every 5 days. This is an astonishing achievement for the company, but hell to control behind the scenes.

Twitter has come so far in the past few years and is my favourite social network. I am looking forward to this new feature and many more to come. But what do the readers think? Feel free to leave a comment below telling me on how this will influence your twitter life.


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