What is The Toyota Advantage

Toyota’s in Australia come with what is known as the Toyota Advantage, this means your new Toyota will have capped price servicing up to the first 4 or 6 depending on the Toyota. These services are usually over 3-4 years or 60,000 to 75,000 whichever comes first.

Every Toyota is backed up by a 3 year/100,000 km warranty, which gives you the piece of mind for years to come. Toyota Australia can also help with finance to help you get up and running, they can offer personal loans to leasing for all of kind of business,

Toyota vehicle insurance gives you a policy with a range of benefits, these do include, a replacement Toyota when your current Toyota becomes a total loss, and is under 3 years old and under 100,000 km on the clock. A promise to use genuine Toyota parts to repair a Toyota that is less then 3 years old. The quality of the workmanship on all authorized repairs as long as you remain owner of the vehicle.

The original factory warranty can be extended by up to 3 years with the Toyota extra care extended factory warranty, which is available on most new and used Toyota vehicles, which will give you an extra peace of mind. You will also have membership to Toyota’s road side assistance services which does offer breakdown assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if your Toyota has broken down or been in an accident, help will be no more then a phone call away.

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