Gangnam Style reaches 1 Billion Views

Yes, its finally happened. You Tube has hit 1 Billion views on a single video and it was Gangnam Style by PSY. I have always suspected that it would be a music video rather than a skit or home movie gone viral. I know this song annoys many people across the country and for the reason I will keep this short and sweet.

This amazing accomplishment only took 5 months from when it was uploaded to when it hit  1 Billion views. They have also recently added a small dancing PSY next to the view counter on the video. Just one of You Tubes fun quirks.

Gangnam Style was also used in “Rewind YouTube Style 2012” as well as call my maybe which showcased everything YouTube that had occurred over the last year.

I am just glad that Justin Biebers baby or Charlie bit my finger didn’t beat the masterpiece of Gangnam Style.



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