Geekily 12 Days of Christmas – Logitech LS21

There have been some Logitech Speakers that I have had for quite some time. The Logitech LS21’s are a balanced audio system that have plenty of bass in a compact size for your PC. They feature two compact speakers that have two inch high-excursion metallic drivers that allow you to enjoy a clear sound in a very compact size.

A wired remote is included so that the power and volume are at reach, this remote also has a headphone jack for private listening and volume controls so you no longer need to use the volume controls that are in your computers operating system.

There is also a down-firing sub-woofer that help give a rich deep bass for your media. Behind the two speakers there is a cable management system that allows you to keep the cables under control and tidy. So if you’re looking for some small speakers that have bass, the Logitech LS21’s may be the ones for you. They do retail for $49.95 Australian dollars and in my opinion are well worth the money.

I do hope you all have enjoyed the 3rd day of Christmas, and all have a safe and happy new year!


Jamie Ives

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