Geekily 12 Days of Christmas – SD Cards

What does every geek love? Storage space. The bigger the better, the faster the better. Thats why a great gift for any geek is an SD card. I suffered for about a year with having a 2GB Micro SD card for my phone, however this Christmas that has all turned around! I now have an 8GB SD card ready for a load of music, videos and apps for the new year.

SD cards are  non-volatile meaning that the data stored inside in the card can be retained when without power. In 1999 SanDisk, Toshbia and Matsushita decided that cameras needed a new form of storage, at which point they started to develop the SD card. This has now replaced photo film and many other ways of storing data. Thanks to these three companies it is now much easier to store data onto our portable devices.

There are generally 3 different types of SD cards. The SD card which is used in games consoles & cameras. The Mini SD which is used in cameras and not really anywhere else. And the Mirco SD card which is used in almost all smart phones (iPhone Excluded) which is the smallest SD card. It may be an idea to ask the receiver of this gift what size they would like, as they may not use a Mini SD. If you really want it to be a surprise though, the best bet though is to get a Mirco SD card with a Micro SD card adaptor as show in the image above.

SD cards can be used all over the place in a variety of devices that your “geek” may have. Cameras, mobiles, Sat Navs, Games consoles, and much much more. I have plenty of these things lying around, and I still need more with bigger space! So if you are struggling for ideas on what to buy your geek this Christmas, get him/her an SD card with a storage space of 8GB, 16GB or ever 32GB. This can be the low cost solution and it will make any geek happy.

Generally SD cards are quite cheap. 2GB & 4GB SD cards should cost less than £10. 8GB should be no less than £20 & 16GB should be no less than £30. Make sure you shop around and get the cheaper. Unless your “geek” has specified which one he would like, he is most likely not that bothered about the specification of the card. Just make sure it is big!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope that you are enjoying the 12 days of Christmas post schedule. See you soon!


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