Geekily 12 Days of Christmas – Steam Sales

So in the new year, expect numerous sales on the well known PC gaming platform of steam. The Steam summer and winter sales are well known for their HUGE discounts and large choice. I have been subject to these deals for a few years now, and I have had many hours of pleasure from this.

Steam is a platform created by valve several years ago designed to be the PC gamer’s marketplace where he would go to buy all his games. With over 40 million members, steam is a great place to make new friends. You can do this by joining groups and communities that may be interested in similar games or game genres as you are.

Remember with the sales to watch out for the biggest discounts on new releases. A great thing to do is buy multiple copies of the games and keep them in your steam inventory to gift to your friends at a later date. Now with it being easier than ever to get your hands on steam wallet vouchers (Available in GAME) any PC gamer would love it as a gift.

In my experience, steam is a great gaming network for all ages, and the sales are what make it amazing. You can get some really insane deals that are not available to any console. I got the valve pack in the 2011 summer sales for £25 when without the HUGE discount, it would be £125. And that’s not even the value of all the games that came with it.

It terms of payment, you can pay with a credit card, paypal, or your steam wallet. Your steam wallet funds can be bought from your paypal, credit card or gift card (available in GAME). Its a 1:1 ratio of money so you don’t loose any of it. And don’t worry about loosing money in your wallet, steam is not going anywhere soon.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it has given you some ideas for the future. See you in the next one.


I'm a musician and IT professional from South East London. I am also the founder of Tech Taste. I'm also a musician in my spare time.

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  1. illage2 says:

    Steam is a legend.  Its prices are fair and they have pretty decent support as well. I like being able to gift games to my little brother.

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