Geekily 12 days of Christmas – Think Geek

Hello there and welcome. Hope you all had an amazing Christmas yesterday. I sure did! Anyway, on with the first day of Christmas.

Today I am featuring an amazing website for all things geeky called Think Geek. Think Geek are well known for their qwerky products that come from video games, popular memes, or are just full to the brim of technology.

There are a large amount of gifts on the website sutible for all ages, or just some ages. Over the years Think Geek has given me plenty of present ideas for my geeky friends including a stylophone for my dad! Generally the service is good however overseas shipping can be a pain as with all companies overseas. However despite the expensive cost of shipping (For Brits anyway) it is a great service with a huge variety of products for you to choose from for next Christmas, a birthday, or just a treat for yourself.

Thanks for reading the 1st day of Christmas!


I'm a musician and IT professional from South East London. I am also the founder of Tech Taste. I'm also a musician in my spare time.

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