Wirelessly stream music to your Car with XCarLink

If you’re out on the roads, particularly when without company, it’s great to have some background music playing, and with the advent of iTunes and Spotify, most of us have a huge virtual music library. Sadly, however, it took car radio manufacturers about a decade to realise that CDs were becoming obsolete, and most cars over 7 years old don’t have an aux socket, or any means of connecting your phone or music device. I faced this problem with my 2004 Seat Leon, which simply had a car radio with a CD player.

Thankfully, however, I stumbled across a neat little solution: XCarLink. XCarLink is a device which connects to your car radio via the CD Changer port (thus, the radio thinks it’s a CD changer, and tracks can be skipped using the normal controls on the car radio and steering wheel.

The device itself has 3 ports:- USB, SD and Line In. This allows you to plug in a USB device such as an MP3 player or USB stick, an SD card, or any 3.5mm audio cable for line in purposes from a normal headphone port. There is also an optional Bluetooth module available, which I also purchased. This means I can now connect my phone to the bluetooth device, and wirelessly stream music to my car’s audio system, as well as making and recieving calls through the car and the XCarLink’s built in microphone.

All that’s needed to install the XCarLink is to remove your car radio and plug the XCarLink in the back, then route the cable round to somewhere convenient such as the glove compartment. In my car, I simply have the device sitting in the glove compartment connected to my phone via Bluetooth, so it doesn’t get in the way yet remains easy to access should I need to pair a different Bluetooth device, or plug in a cable or storage device.

Combine this with a dashboard holder for your phone, and you’ve the perfect solution for music and calls on the road, be it hard copies of songs on your phone, or a 3rd party app such as Spotify. Plus, it looks rather cool, and is bound to impress your passengers.

There are a variety of models of the XCarLink available, mostly varying for different car radios, but head over to their website and find the right one for you – they do some great stuff.

Henry Cole

I'm an all round tech guy from Colchester, UK. I co-owned Geekily and regularly wrote here under "Geekily UK", but have since left the site to pursue other projects.

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