What is T.E.C.H.

T.E.C.H or Toyota communications hub is a system that is included on a few of the new Generation Yaris and Corolla models. This system is a hub that allows you to stay connected with friends and family, music and even SMS. You can even stay up to date with the latest conditions with the traffic such as jams, accidents etc. It can also offer a different route so you can avoid delays.

It also has the ability to alert you to where safety cameras, school zones and railways crossing, so you’re always in the know. Of course the on-screen 3D graphics of landmarks and major buildingsĀ  allow you navigate with ease.

The audio is AM and FM and MP3 compatible that includes a CD player and even voice control, The system is also able to display the artist and track of the song when listening to FM. There is also USB input for your compatible iPod or MP3. While the inbuilt Bluetooth can help you keep in touch on the go.

Text messages are delivered verbally and visually, but the visual display will only be displayed when the vehicle is stationary. I hope this has help you understand more of what T.E.C.H. is.

Happy Motoring and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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