Geekily 12 Days of Christmas – Tailly

Japan is notorious for some pretty crazy ideas, but here’s one of the craziest yet: Tailly.

Tailly is a wearable belt with a tail on the back, so that as a human, you have a visible wagging tail. What’s more, it uses your heart rate to detect when you’re excited, and only wags when you’re excited. Mad, right? Tailly themselves word it like so: “Tailly is a wearable wagging tail which reacts to the user’s heart rate. When you wear Tailly, you’ll radiate cuteness and happiness!”. Hmmph, I’m not sure I want to radiate cuteness and happiness, but whatever, perhaps I’m just a grumpy Brit.

Tailly then begins to wag more slowly as the heart rate decreases. The creator is pretty serious about it, though. “You could even wear Tailly on a date and express your true feelings through the wagging tail. Even better, your partner could also wear one for the both of you to add a level of subconscious communication between the two of you”.

I have to say, whilst it’s a wacky idea, it’s pretty cool how it’s measuring your heart rate and reacting accordingly. It’s a rather cool little device, though I can’t say I’d want to wear one, for fear of being excited when I’m not supposed to be if nothing else!

You can check out Tailly over on their KickStarter project, and even help fund it if you’re a fan of tails.

Image: Tailly

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