Parking Sensors Explained

Most cars these days either came with or as an option parking sensors. These sensors can alert the driver if there is an obstruction in front or behind the vehicle and the sensors will use anĀ audible warning alarm to indicate that there is an obstruction.

Toyota’s for example that are fitted with an Optitron instrument panel can indicate the sensor that has detected the obstruction which allows you see where you need to check for the obstruction. These sensors can be quite useful for those obstacles that cannot be seen by looking in the mirrors or over your shoulder.

These sensors can also help when reverse parking as they can indicate if you are getting a bit close to the car in front or behind. Of course these sensor will work at their best if they are kept clean. I think these sensors are worth having as they are quite useful and they can detect quite well.

Happy Motoring!

Featured image: Toyota Camry Accessories


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