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This Saturday, Henry & Jordan from the Geekily team will be heading to this awesome event. It has plenty of fun tech people there and its a great place to network. We as a team have been to the last 2 and have enjoyed them both thoroughly. As the events correspondent, I will be writing up the event on Sunday (hopefully) so if you miss it, then you can find out what went on.

Tomorrows web is a quarterly event run by Chris Leydon, Andrew Brackin & Lewis King. This is the events first anniversary and the Tomorrows Web team are looking forward to it. They have now got a larger venue than GH Space in London, and are now using a Microsoft site called Modern Jago which has a much larger people capacity. This means the event will be bigger than ever before. There are free drinks including Beer, Coke and Water. Free food, namely Pizza and awesome wristbands that you get to take home!

They have another 3 new speakers reading to flood tech into our ears. None other than Ben Nunney, who is a tech evangelist at Microsoft. James Maskell, the founder & CEO of Vinetrade. And Jamillah Knowles who is the UK writer for The Next Web. These three guys will be doing in depth talks on their careers and companies.

If you happen to miss the actual event, then they will be live streaming it onto their website “here“. They are still “selling tickets” but there are not many left! Make sure to get one so that you can meet the Geekily staff!

Be sure to check out the review of the event, and what happened in each of the speakers talks after the event, here on Geekily. Thanks for reading!

Photo credit: Alex Odam / Tomorrow’s Web


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