Touch Tracer Technology Explained

In Toyota’s latest generation of their Prius models they include a form of technology known as Touch Tracer. This kind of tech is built into the controls on the steering wheel. These controls are premium soft buttons.

That allow you to hover over each of the buttons without having to press them. The various functions include audio controls. The Eco data including an energy monitor allowing you to see the status of the petrol and electric motors.

The information about your drive including, your average speed, the current cruising range and the current outside temperature. Your ‘ECO score that shows how efficient your driving is, from when you started off, cruising or have slowed down. Your fuel consumption from the past 30 minutes displayed in 5 minute increments and of course your past ‘ECO saving record for the past 3 months and the current month from the year before.

These functions are of course included in a comprehensive full colour 3.5″ multi information display, that provides all of that valuable data to help you drive more efficiently.

Happy Motoring!


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