USB 3.0 getting a speedboost

It has been announced by the USB 3.0 promoter group that the specification of USB 3.0 is to be changed to support a maximum transfer speed of 10gbps as apposed to the current specification of 5gbps.

Even though this part of the specification has changed, the rest of it generally is the same with it having backwards compatibility with previous versions of USB and using the same connectors. However, it will require an upgrade of the hardware and possibly cables to take advantages of the new high speeds.

Thunderbolt, a rival connector to USB 3.0 already offers these speeds of 10gbps and the move to make USB 3.0 match these speeds brings them almost neck and neck in the market. However, Thunderbolt are still slightly ahead because of the support for fibre optic cables and daisy chaining.

You may be wondering, what do we really need 10gbps for? Well, not only does USB 3.0 allow for higher transfer speeds, it also provides more power than USB 2.0 meaning that more power hungry devices can take advantage of this. USB 3.0 can also transfer uncompressed HD video.

In the next few years, I’m sure more and more devices that can use the higher speeds will appear.

We can be expected to see the new high-speed Super Speed USB 3.0 to be appearing in 2014.

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