Cabin Air Filters Explained

Every time you drive millions upon millions of microscopic particles can enter the interior of the car through the cars ventilation/air conditioning system. In order to prevent this many new Toyota models feature a cabin air filter. This filter is placed over the ventilation system in the vehicle typically located behind the glove box.

The filter can capture nasty airborne particles before they reach the cabin of the vehicle, these include diesel smoke, pollens, fungi, cement dust, ashes, dirt and mould can all be filtered out before they reach the cars cabin before they can affect your comfort and well being.

Being that the filter is in front of the cars ventilation system it will capture those particles that would normally impact the efficiency of the air conditioning system. The cabin air filter does reduce the need to clean the air conditioner unit, which does result in a saving of those long term maintenance costs.

These filters can do an amazing job of trapping all sorts of those airborne particles, of course environmental conditions for example heavy traffic on either urban or dusty environments  or on dirt based roads may lead to the filter becoming clogged much quicker, although a cabin air filter may only need to be changed in as little as 15,000 kilometers.

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