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It was the last day of January when a little video named “#Playstation2013” popped up on the YouTube channel of Playstation, this video (which is viewable here) looked like a generic teaser for Playstation products. That is until you see a date plonked on the end it, Feb 20th 2013 this automatically makes your mind cast assumptions about the future of video games and in turn that is everyone has been talking about. From new consoles, to Vita re-launches and bizarre controller mock-ups there has been a truly massive amount of excitement and discussion for Playstation as a brand that there has not been in the last year.

Fast forward to the Wednesday 20th February 2013 11PM (at least where I was) watching a video stream that was being watched by millions (apparently) on every site that could stream it. As with every Sony conference they had one person, this time Andrew House, on stage talking about Playstation as a whole, their past, their present and the future then just ten minutes in boom, PS4. Cue lots of claps and a few cheers. Then tags in another Playstation member.

Who likes Logos?

Who likes Logos?

Mark Cerny center staged, came on and told us the inners of the console we will playing in the future this included: X86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU with an 8GB unified memory and also the Dualshock 4 controller which had a touchpad and share buttons slapped on it for good measure too.
A shed load of other things were mentioned also, these include:

  • The ability to share to snippets of your gameplay you have been playing
  • Live streaming to UStream
  • Suspend and Resume within seconds of pressing a button
  • Ability to truly background download

Mark also tooted his own horn by showing off the first ever genuine PS4 game called “Knack”. A puzzlely, beat’em up sort of affair with a tad bit of humour and cuteness.

The next Playstation controller

The next Playstation controller

David Perry took to the stage to show off some more information about the upcoming console including the ability to play every Playstation 4 game on a second screen, namely the Playstation Vita console just like the Wii U console is able to do. Backwards compatible I hear you say? What backwards compatibility! Dave confirms that you will not be able to play them on the next console but thanks to the gaikai technology you might be able to play them in the future.

Then they introduced other PS4 games which I shall list here (with my opinion after them). First up was “Killzone: Shadow Fall” which looked like a normal killzone game with additional brighter blue flurries here and there. Secondly was a game from the Motorstorm creators called “Driveclub” they put lots of emphasis on making it feel like driving a real car and having fun with your friends, so if you love cars and your friends love cars, great I guess. Next was a very serious looking guy talking about information leakage and other things which eventually lead into “inFamous: Second Son” which looked very interesting despite the lack of actually gameplay. Things got a lot quieter when complex puzzler looking island something-or-other “The Witness” was shown.

The LittleBigPlanet people started showing off the Playstation Move and showing us that it is still going to be relevant in the next console apparently by showing off some strange demo about sculpting which then turned into some strange rock band with move controllers. Other things that happened were Capcom showing some new IP/Tech demonstration, followed by Square Enix presenting a video exploring how good games could look, then a Watch Dogs presentation from Ubisoft. Blizzard announced Diablo 3 debuting on Playstation 4 and also the Playstation 3. Bungie then made a showing with some Destiny clips to round off the games being shown.

Meet Knack one of the games you will be playing in the future (maybe)

Meet Knack one of the games you will be playing in the future (maybe)

All in all a good conference from Sony, it had enough information to get people excited about the “next generation” of video games, whilst also showing off a lot of games to help move some units off the shelves. However not actually showing the Playstation 4 will probably hurt them from grabbing some media attention from the non-video gaming pressing, with a release date of Holiday 2013 it will be interesting to see where they go from here and what they do in the months ahead.

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I have a particular love for technology and video gaming. When I am not playing any video games which is a rarity, I am on the internet writing about them.

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