Electric Vehicles Explained

A few vehicles such as the Holden/Chevrolet Volt and Mitsubishi i-MiEV are vehicles that can run on pure electricity. The running costs of these vehicles can be some what lower then traditional vehicles. There is a claim that an overnight charge of these vehicles will only cost around $2.50. Although this can add up and be more then filling up a traditional vehicle for example.
Although that overnight will really only give an approx range of up to 80 kilometers  which can be more then enough for many commuters such as those that do the short drive to work or the shops. Considering that these vehicles are pure electric they have pretty quick acceleration, they are also very quiet and can be easy to drive.
Although the limited range on a charge and the high purchase price can keep away potential buyers. Such as for example the i-MiEV from Mitsubishi is a four seater that has a starting price of $48,800. Although the Holden/Chevrolet Volt is of course all electric but does have a generator in form of a small petrol motor, which gives a possible potential range of around 400 kilometers that is until the tank of the petrol tank is empty, which can give you a range of 87 kilometers on it’s batteries alone. The starting price for one of these in Australia is around $59,900.
Considering the price and the range of these vehicles on a charge they just do not seem to worth it at this point in time. Although as time goes on these kind of vehicles will get better on a charge and much cheaper.
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