Google Glass breaks the ‘made in China’ trend

We’re used to pretty much everything we own coming, at least at some point, from China. No electronic device, item of clothing or indeed any other material good seems to lack the notorious ‘Made In China’ sticker. Originally the reserve of cheap tacky items, China are now the global industry superpower, and is no longer necessarily synonymous with poor quality.

Nevertheless, Californian tech giant Google, who are soon to unveil a launch date for Google Glass, the head-worn voice controlled gadget that has received so much hype, have opted to break out of the trend and produce Glass in the U.S.

The Financial Times reports that a new facility based in Santa Clara run by Foxconn will be built to produce the device. Efforts to manufacture Glass in the U.S. likely focuses around quality control in the wake of significant negative press coverage of Foxconn’s practices in China, and as such for now Glass will command an eye-wateringly high price and the facility isn’t expected to churn out many units either.

Production of initial Google Glass units is expected to ‘ramp up’ in the coming weeks, will a fall release looking most likely.

Source: Financial Times | Image via Google

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