Kitchen Gadgets: The Philips Airfryer

There are a couple of new kitchen appliances on the market at the moment which offer a healthy and easy alternative to the traditional deep fat fryer.  One that stood out among those on offer was the Philips Airfryer.  The Philips Airfryer uses ‘Rapid Air technology’ which is the circulation of hot air from the grill at high speed.  The food is placed in a basket and the hot air then circulates; cooking the food from all sides simultaneously.  There is no need for oil and the effect is crispy food on the outside and moist and fluffy on the inside.  Furthermore if it’s chips you’re making, home-made ones contain as low as 1.5% fat and you can cook frozen chips too.

The Airfryer is said to cook 300 grams of food in just 12 minutes and has a capacity of 0.8kg.  It operates on 1400 Watts and its maximum temperature is 200 degrees C.  There are no nasty odours with the Airfryer, only cooking aromas from your tasty recipes and it is easy to clean with its dishwasher proof parts.

The Airfryer is easy to use and comes with a detailed recipe book.  I was amazed to see some of the possibilities to refresh your family menus.  From healthy chips and potato recipes to things like garlic mushrooms, spring rolls, sesame toast, cupcakes and bread.

So the Philips Airfryer is healthy, fast, easy to use and clean and with a thermostat and timer it is safe to use.  It sounds like the perfect kitchen gadget, and one that you could get your older kids involved with.  With its handy recipe book and tips for use you can’t really fail and if you fancy investing in one of these Airfryers, it retails at around the £179.99 mark from all the usual electrical goods retailers.


Photo credit: Philips

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