O2 release “TU Go” app – place calls/send texts on any iOS/Android device!

In a move that seems wildly uncharacteristic for a mobile network provider, O2 (Telefonica) have released an app for iOS/Android known simply as ‘TU Go’, available now on the App Store and Google Play.

The app, in effect, allows you to access all the network capabilities of your O2 Pay Monthly contract on any iOS or Android. You can place calls to any UK mobile number or landline as well as send SMS messages and access your voicemail. The app also logs conversations made on your phone so you can continue them any time on your other connected devices.

    The Good

Being one of the few apps that has ever made me think “wow, technology’s amazing”, TU Go represents a big leap forward for the way in which carriers pass on innovative benefits to their customers. Until now, carriers have b

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