UK ISPs Ordered to Block more Piracy Sites : Kick ass, Fenopy, H33T

Kick Ass Torrents, Fenopy and H33T are three of the latest websites to be blocked in the UK by ISPs. It seems a while since The Pirate Bay was blocked; but there are still hundreds of mirrors you can use to download torrents from it.

Will this be effective?

Only a couple of weeks after The Pirate Bay, one of the largest sites to download illegitimate copies of software, the piracy rate was back to normal. People found ways around the ban such as mirrors to the oh so popular website. Many of TPB’s users went over to other websites such as Fenopy, Kick ass and H33T until the mirrors were available  Chances are that the decrease in piracy will be much smaller than that of when they banned TPB, and in even less time than 2 weeks, the rates of piracy will be back up, and maybe even higher than their previous rates.

Did it work last time?

As I said, the effects were very minimal. The rates of piracy were back up very quickly, even with such a huge dent, people found workarounds, and that is what will always happen. Now it would be impossible for the government to block all of the different mirrors for TPB as people just create more. There are at least 100 mirrors running for us Brits, and they can be found by googling “The Pirate Bay mirror UK”. All the government did was make it harder for them to block torrenting sites in the future.

For the Music Industry…

Musicians get hit the hardest by pirating, but nobody can say that blocking TPB in the UK made any difference to their profits. If you look at the total income from musicians and compare it to the previous year, sure they have more money, but that is because there are more people buying their songs, and they are charging more for it. The increase in iTunes from 79p to 99p set a large amount of people off to torrent their songs.

Will the battle against piracy ever stop? No. There are always going to be more and more websites that allow people to download music, videos, software for free. Only one person has to buy it, and then everyone has a copy. Piracy is just another name for sharing. I copy CDs for friends all the time and it wasn’t illegal here until recently.


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