Xbox 720 Speculations

Only a few days ago Sony released details for the PS4 including games accompanying the release, tech specs and the new controller. Speculation and rumours say that Microsoft are planning an event to release the new Xbox. Sony have been hogging all of the media for the past week with their sudden press conference that was only spoken about a week before the actual event. All of the press at the moment is Sony this, PS4 that. Everyone is getting hyped for the PS4 which is taking away from the Xbox market.

There have been rumours at Microsoft that they are planning a possible event in April or at E3 and having the console available to buy in the 4th quarter. Microsoft were rather shocked at the sudden press release of the PS4 shocked Microsoft and have led them into a rush of trying to set out a date for a press release of the console. Sony released their product on very short notice, relying on the press rather than pre-event hype.

There are also rumours that Microsoft are going to release a brand new game to come with the new Xbox. These are just rumours, but a new Call of Duty game could be released. It seems that Bungie will no longer be Xbox exclusive with the release of their new game for the PS4, Destiny. Many Xbox fans may move over to the PS4 if Microsoft don’t come up with an equally good game to release. Destiny really had the wow factor at the Sony conference, will Microsoft be able to do the same?

The console has had some major changes. Recently a Microsoft employee has leaked some new info regarding the tech specs to the console. He has stated that Microsoft have kept the new console very secure from the public, shipping prototypes around in the Xbox 360 slim cases as to not spoil the new design. However most of the tech specs have been leaked. The console will have 3x the processing speed of its predecessor which means a huge step up in the consoles graphics capabilities.

The console will also have  a much large hard drive than the maximum storage for the console at the moment. Sizes as large as 1TB have been rumoured to be available for the next Xbox. It is said that there will be an Arcade version with 320GB of storage, a Pro version with a 500GB version and an option to have 1TB of storage in your console. This suggests that the Xbox marketplace will be expanding to make way for larger games that require more disk space. This may mean that downloading games as well as buying the physical disc may be an option with the new Xbox.

Speaking of discs, the new Xbox will not have a Blue Ray drive, keeping it further behind in the disc market. The Xbox 360 didn’t have the ability to read DVD’s so Microsoft should step up their game because that is a huge seller of the PS3 is that it is more than just for games. Some of the other specs released include 8GB of DDR3 RAM which should really up the level sizes in games. An AMD Eight-Core x64 1.6GHz CPU and a Direct3d 11.x 800MHz GPU.

From what we have heard there is no design as of yet for the console, even in the BETA consoles, they have been sent out in the Xbox 360 slim case but with the updated hardware for the developers to work on. There is also no word on any form of kinnect integration so we will just have to wait and see.


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3 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    You say “Microsoft were rather shocked at the sudden press release of the PS4” name your source within Microsoft or tell us how you know so much about how they work, or at least say IN YOUR OPINION rather than lie to us.

    “even in the BETA consoles, they have been sent out in the Xbox 360 slim case” how do you KNOW that?

    At least say your source even if you dont name the person!

  2. Agathocles of Bactria says:

    Unless Microsoft have pulled a trick out of the bag VERY quickly this generation of consoles will clearly be led by the Playstation 4 – simply look at the specs. 8GB GDDR5 is a far greater pool of memory to work with (latency aside) than 8GB DDR 3. It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft choose AMD for both CPU and GPU, or if they go the APU route (as the PS4 did). This could be the solace AMD needed with its depleting resources. Ultimately, though, for the best experience it looks like the PC is still the way to go this generation if you want great graphics and smooth gameplay – there’s such a large pool of resources to work with compared to consoles, even the 720 & PS4, sadly. This is at odds with the last generation of consoles which, at least for the first 6 months, outperformed all but the enthusiast gaming PCs.

    On an unrelated note, there are some formatting issues in the article.

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