5 Tips For Keeping Your Car In Great Shape

For true auto enthusiasts, nothing is more precious than one’s car. A car is not only a tool for transportation, or a possession for practical use, but a prized part of one’s life – and as such, it needs to be maintained and protected with the utmost care. The fact is, even many car enthusiasts gradually slack off when it comes to basic maintenance and protection, and even if this slack is accidental it can lead to deterioration in the performance, appearance, and lifespan of your car.

Keeping that in mind, here are 5 essential tips for how to protect and maintain your car over the years. With careful adherence to these tips, you can keep your car looking good as new for as long as you like.

1. Establish A Maintenance Schedule
This is the most important task in maintaining a car, and also the one that is most easily ignored. Basic maintenance such as oil changes, tire pressure checks, brake fluid and pad upkeep, and fluid replacement, is necessary for keeping your car in good operational shape. Without proper upkeep in these areas, your car will drive less smoothly, and wear more easily. Establish a basic schedule to adhere to, and this maintenance can become a habit.

2. Insure Your Vehicle
It is also very important to consult an established car insurance company like Aviva to be certain that your vehicle is properly insured. Damage, accidents, and theft can all be covered by the right policy, and this coverage – though it exists for the worst case scenarios – can save you from high repair costs or the need to pay for a new vehicle should something happen to your existing one.

3. Drive Defensively
Defensive driving is necessary not only for decreasing the likelihood of accidents, but also keeps your car within its limits. Sudden acceleration, slamming the brakes, and even driving consistently at high speeds can all gradually wear on your vehicle. Driving carefully and within established road rules keeps you safe and keeps your vehicle in better shape.

4. Park Defensively
Some of the most common damages to cars occur as a result of tight parking conditions. Another car’s door may swing into your vehicle, or you may open your own door into a wall, pillar, vehicle, etc. So consider “defensive parking” a means of defense for your vehicle. When possible, park away from possible hazards.

5. Protect From The Sun
The sun is actually responsible for much ordinary vehicle deterioration. From exterior paint jobs to interior plastic, UV rays can cause your car to show age over time. However, there are many ways to delay this deterioration – most namely by applying a UV protectant to your car’s interior, and using a sun reflector on your windshield. Additionally, a coat of wax every 6 months or so helps your paint job to look fresh and new.

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