AOL Music is Shutting Down, Cue Sad Music

It appears these days the only news we hear about is closures, layoffs and other miserable dealings about big corporations, not being one to shy away from this recent trend is America Online (or AOL to the average joe) who have decided to close their “Music” offerings. You will find no music related puns in this article, just so you know!

Editor of Spinner sounds pissed. I would too.

Personally I have never been on any of the AOL Music branded websites, these include Spinner, Noisecreep and of course AOL Music. Although some of the live “Session” tracks from the site have been superb covering stars from Gorillaz, The Hives and Ne-Yo. It was not all good though as they did have The Wanted and Cher Lloyd on there also.

Here is a crudely photoshopped tombstone I created.

Here is a crudely photoshopped tombstone I created.


It seems recently AOL have been trying to change their whole structure in the last few years by selling patents to Microsoft, the whole everyone needs a social networking site ordeal with Bebo and selling off their UK branding name to TalkTalk. It will be interesting to see if AOL will ever get back to their former glory in the future, however I believe the AOL Keyword will never come back and can “Live and Let Die” (damn you music related pun!).

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