Microsoft to release a smartwatch, WSJ reports

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft are to throw their hat into the smartwatch game, joining Apple, Samsung and Google.

The WSJ, citing unnamed supply chain sources, claim that Microsoft asked Asian suppliers to ship device components pertaining to an unconfirmed smartwatch. Microsoft would be joining other companies to capitalise on a future boom in wearable electronics. Thus far, no comment has been released from the company.

Earlier this year, Microsoft asked suppliers in Asia to ship components for a potential watch-style device, the executives said. One executive said he met with Microsoft’s research and development team at the software company’s Redmond, Washington headquarters.

Some investors and big technology companies are betting on a boom in wearable, computerized devices built around the growing power and slimming size of sensors that can detect body temperature, geographic location and voice commands of people on the go.

Having previously collaborated with Fossil and other watchmakers to create the Smart Personal Object Technology, which was a watch that could link to a user’s PC computer via a cable, Microsoft is no stranger to the implementation of wrist computing.

Smartwatches and smartglasses are likely to give customers quicker, more immediate access to notifications and basic info. Google Glass and Apple’s rumoured ‘iWatch’ are expected to ship towards the end of this year. No word yet on when Microsoft’s, Samsung’s, LG’s, or anyone else’s smart watch will land. If you can’t watch, go ahead and order a Pebble.

Are you on the look out for wearable tech? Do you think Microsoft’s unconfirmed offering could compete against the likes of Apple, with Jony Ive at the helm of the design team? Let me know in the comments down below or over on Twitter; @GeekilyUK.

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