Pebble Watchface SDK unleashed to developers

After earning more than $10 million (£6.5 million) on Kickstarter, the Pebble e-paper smart watch now has an official public SDK available exclusively to iOS developers.

Your patience has been rewarded…you have a brand new Pebble Smartwatch in your hands. And, of course, now you want to make it do your bidding.

This developer documentation will show you how to create your own functionality for a Pebble Smartwatch.

At present the newly-released SDK is limited to just the creation of different watch faces and doesn’t allow the creation of what you might consider ‘standard’ applications. The company do, however, say that a Sports SDK will soon be available to developers, allowing incorporation of Runkeeper-style (or Nike+) features.

The new SDK will be released alongside version 1.10 of PebbleOS, which additionally offers options to disable the backlight and enable custom vibrations. Several bug fixes have also been made available to iOS users.

The Pebble e-paper smartwatch has been met with mixed initial reviews, as well as the coming opposition from a rumoured Apple ‘iWatch’.

Would you be interested in a smartwatch? How do you think Pebble’s offering will compete against Apple’s rumoured device? Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter; @GeekilyUK.

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