Bellroy. The wallet that slims your pocket.

Wallets. Our pocket companions. We keep them with us every day, they never leave our sides. We use them frequently, be it for a coffee or a new laptop. But the question is; why are they so ugly?

This was one of the common problems which the team at Bellroy set out to solve. We carry around fat wallets which are oversized, overstuffed, and just plain ugly.

Bellroy Note Sleeve

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Bellroy, a small team in southern Australia, have come up with a range of wallets which solve this problem. Manufactured lovingly by hand at a small family business in India, the quality of these wallets is simply outstanding and beats that of any I’ve seen at such good value.

They’re designed with two things in mind. Firstly, the need for slimmer, sexier wallets, which are nice to look at. Secondly, is the importance of not compromising on features. The Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet, pictured left, is a fine example of this.

With payment technology as it is today, there is becoming less and less need for physical cash. With my contactless card, I simply wave it over the reader and done. Payment that simple.


Coin compartment pictured within note section

As a result of this, we’re carrying around less cash than ever before, and rely simply on the little hunks of plastic we call credit and debit cards. Bellroy wallets are designed with this in mind, and tend to focus on more room for cards rather than cash, though there’s still plenty of cash space. Coins are stored in a little pocket with a flap, in the note section.

Access to cards is really easy. There are three slots for your most used cards. It’s here I keep my credit and debit cards. There’s then a little compartment behind two of the card slots which acts as extra card space. It even has a pretty awesome little tab which makes it super easy to access those lesser used cards – they just emerge when you pull the tab. I tend to use this more for loyalty cards and ID, as I need them less than my bank cards, but the pull tab provides easy access when I do need them.


The less frequently used cards emerge at the pull of a tab.

To give a con, I would say only that the leather does scratch quite easily, as well as acquiring other marks. Most other wallets would be just as bad, but you do tend to notice it slightly more on the Bellroy, due simply to it’s sleek design. There’s also restricted coin space, which could be a minor issue, but it’s not too bad, and of course if you wanted more coin space you could use a different Bellroy wallet to get something more you.

Overall, the wallet is pretty damn awesome. We strongly recommend it if you’re looking for a new wallet. Take a look at the Bellroy range and hand pick the one which suits you. Visit for more info. We think you’ll like it.

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